Thursday, July 07, 2005

A new face on the Cucking Stool . . .

There was a Social Security forum at the Minnetonka City Hall last night (July 6th) sponsored by Americans United to Protect Social Security. Third District Congressman Jim Ramstad, who was in town, was invited but did not come. The sponsors even set a place for him with a name placard. There were presentations by a St. John's/St. Benedict professor and a representative of the Senior Federation (whose names Spottie cannot recall; Spot like names like Spike, Fido, and well, Spot), and a whole lot of questions about the Social Security confidence game being perpetrated on the American public.

The upshot of the meeting were things that Spottie's readers probably already know: there is no crisis in Social Security; it is the most successful and efficient government program ever adopted, and it can be fixed with just a little tweaking.

Rep. Ramstad has weaseled out of taking a position on private accounts for Social Security. Spottie says contact him, and tell him not to wreck Social Security. The whole private accounts business may seem dead and buried, but Spottie assures you it is not.

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Ben said...

so you don't trust the American people with their own money? Typical liberal attitude.