Thursday, July 21, 2005

A little doggerel

O Katherine Katherine Katherine!
Where are you
My puckered muse?

A Thursday morn burns bright,
But Spotty has
No scent of you.

You leave old Spot bereft
To bay and bark
And snuffle in vain.

As a hart longeth
For flowing streams,*
Spotty longeth for you.

Do not stay away
He begs, he needs you,
So he can be Spot.

*Psalm 42


Anonymous said...

Very nice work. It almost brought a tear to my eye. I miss the double k as well. I wonder what happened.


Spot said...

Spotty has good news! Katherine is only on vacation until next week.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I got back from the readers rep:

I'm guessing she took the day off. Hope that's helpful.

Kate Parry
Reader's Representative

Where did you find out about vacation?


Anonymous said...

Spot is nothing if not fair. He always sends links to posts about KK to herself and to Doug Tice, the Metro - State editor. Spot does this to elicit, well provoke, a response. It hasn't happened so far.

However, when he sent the last KK post, in which Spotty thinks he was a metaphorical genius, by the way, he got a reply to the email saying that KK had flown the coop until the 25th, which is next Monday. Spotty then connected the spots.

Anonymous said...

Well...that's good. I'm very happy that the readers rep knows about this as well.