Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More about little Rickey . . .

Spotty got an email about his post I guess we don't need that pesky constitution, after all. The writer observed that Sen. Santorum had not said that he was personally opposed to birth control. No, what he said was even more ominous.

Santorum said that Griswold v. Connecticut was wrongly decided; that no right of privacy exists under the federal constitution. Santorum said that a legislature was free to outlaw contraception, even if it would be stupid to do so. As Spotty mentioned, Roe v. Wade, Lawrence v. Texas, and other privacy decisions are the children of Griswold. If Griswold was wrong, presumably so are these other cases.

The whole purpose of the Bill of Rights is to protect minorities and the unpopular from the torch and pikepole types. Beetlebrows like Santorum want to bring large swaths of human conduct under the control of the unctuous, the sanctimonious, the bug-eyed control freaks. Presently, many of them have another name: Congress and state legislatures.

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