Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's the evil spirits again!

This from an AP story today:
"There is no option other than victory," he [Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Peter Pace] said. "You need to get out and read what our enemies have said ... Their goal is to destroy our way of life."

Oh ho, Pete; yes there are other options. Most of them ignominious. Take for example an opinion piece that Spot linked to yesterday. Pete, you just lack the imagination to consider any possibility other than We Win, We Win!

Pete, you've been spending too much time with Jim Lileks. The longer that people try to make the war in Iraq western civilization vs. evil spirits, the harder it is going to be to think clearly about what the US ought to do.

And Pete, if by "our way of life" you mean our profligate energy ways that requires that we interfere endlessly with theirs, you're probably right.


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