Friday, December 09, 2005

Sigmund Spot on Friday!

Among all za animals, humans zeem ze most resiztant to change. Vy is zis so? Sigmund Spot tinks it is becauze zome people cannot believe zer species ever evolved. Bah!

Sigmund Spot haz observed zat humans vill only make a change when za zychological pain of not making the change becomes greater zan za pain of making za change. Read zat over carefully liebschen.

Take za case of your prezident Georg. He must know that za wor in Iraq is shtupped. But he cannot change za policy of za foolish bleating about victory! victory! victory! becauze ze pain of admitting that he is a schlemiel is still greater zan za pain to him of killing people!

Zomting must be done about zis. Sigmund Spot zes zat you must make Georg’s pain of persistence greater zan za pain of waking up and zmelling za coffee! You do not do zis by letting Georg or Herr Major Rőve tell you zat you cannot disagree wit zem and still be za good American! Tell zem to kush meer in toches.

Next time, liebschen, ve vill discuss whether Georg’s stubbornness can be traced to za toilet training or to za whacks to za head he got for zucking his tumb.

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