Wednesday, December 14, 2005

John Ashcroft's shameful past

Did you know that John Ashcroft is the grandson of an illegal immigrant? Yup, that guy: John Hang 'em High Ashcroft, our former Attorney General, Chief Boob Draper, and calico catophobe. This is the kind of information that genuine, snoopy journalists will tell you. Especially ones with a sharp irony sensor.

The story of John's illegal grandfather was told by Nick Coleman in his Wednesday column in the Star Tribune entitled A second scolding: Governor, do your research, please. But this flavorful tidbit was just a sidebar to Coleman's second scolding of the governor over his xenophobic smear of undocumented aliens in Minnesota. Coleman's started out last Sunday with Immigrant report fails to document accurate picture.

Spotty had thought of weighing in on the governor's hatchet job, too. But that would be silly, especially when you can read Coleman's columns and not only learn about the report, but read about a Norwegian ship jumper, too!


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