Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Katie's Christmas letter . . .

Merry Christmas to my Christian friends, and to the rest of you too!

It has been such an amazing year. I hardly know where to begin! Let me start out by saying that I got a new job last spring! You are now reading the words of an honest-to-goodness newspaperwoman. It’s true! Uncle Bill helped me get a job with a big newspaper here in Minneapolis called the Star Tribune – The Newspaper of the Twin Cities. I don’t suppose many of you in Fort Dodge are familiar with it, but it is a big deal here, and get this: it is published every day, just like the Des Moines Register!

Uncle Bill is not really my uncle, but he likes me to call him that. Most people have to call him Mr. Cooper, but he really likes me. In fact, Uncle Bill used to pay a lot of my salary when I worked in the thinking tank. So, I suppose you could say he lost a dependent when I went to work at the paper! We’re still close, though.

Anyway, my job is to write a column that is in the paper two times a week. And I get to talk about whatever I want! Twice a week is a lot, I am finding, and it is so helpful to have my friends in the thinking tank to help me out with research and story ideas and stuff.

The people I work with are really nice, mostly. When I was sitting at my desk the first day, people came around and said welcome aboard and stuff like that which made me feel really good. But then this guy, I’ll just call him NC, told me that I was sitting where that awful Molly Ivins used to sit years ago. Yuck! I asked Mr. Tice (my boss) if that was true, and he said it wasn’t. But then NC said who has been here longer, me or Tice? So I don’t really know. That NC is such a pill.

I have written about parochial schools (my favorite subject), the tragedy of 9/11, the need to support Our President in the war in Iraq whatever the cost, the Christian life, the perils of gambling, and of course those sinful gays and lesbians. I have written about most of these subjects several times now. I do worry about falling into rut, but I try to pay attention to what other conservative bloggers and columnists say, kind of following their lead. So far it has worked okay.

One time, when I followed a little too close, this nasty blogger named Spot told everybody about it, and I mean everybody. “Spot” wants us all to think he is a dog, but how stupid does he think we are? Anyway, I had to wear a long face in the newsroom for a few days, but it all blew over.

We took our son to college this fall. He’s a good boy. He has always been interested in the ancient Greeks—he got a lot of that in the fine Catholic schools we sent him to—and he has talked about going to toga parties at college, so I guess he’s keeping up his interest! One always worries about children when they are out of sight!

Oh, I have to tell you about Thanksgiving! We all gathered at our house for the big feast. I had to get up pretty early to stuff and roast that bird. Those Jennio instructions weren’t worth a hoot! The best part was when Uncle Bill came roaring up on his snowmobile, even though we only had a dusting of snow. We still talk about the sparks he made when he drove up the driveway! Uncle Bill wore his Pilgrim costume, and he told us the story of how the Pilgrims were forced to kill the Indians who had saved their lives that first winter, and with whom they shared the first Thanksgiving. A very sad story, even though it was necessary.

Well, that’s about it. I’ll write again next year. Remember, He’s the Reason for the Season!

Love, Katie

PS. Also remember, it is better to burn one terrorist than to curse the darkness.

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