Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Like old married people . . .

They complete each other’s sentences. Yesterday, Katie told a story about Staff Sgt. Joe Buhain of Rochester, and how US medics looked after US soldiers, insurgents, and civilians alike. Last evening, Johnny Rocketseed told us that “Kathy” and Captain Queeg had explained this was because we were better people than the insurgents – Johnny and the Captain used the term terrorists, of course – and Johnny said this was one of the reasons we are going to win the war.

Apparently, “Kathy” had somehow left this conclusion unstated, or at least not stated with the clarity that Johnny thought that Katie’s readers needed. Spot has to hand it to Katie; she has become a little more oblique of late. But this is apparently dismaying to the right wing blogosphere, since it needs to fill in the blanks.

As far at Johnny’s conclusion is concerned, the American soldier, who is in the main a good-hearted and idealistic sort, will never overcome the mess the US has created.


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