Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Et tu, siste?

A bus ride to the Capitol: $2.00. A vending machine lunch: $2.45. Watching Senator Michele Bachmann get busted in the chops by her step-sister: priceless. Now Spot wishes he had gone to the hearing.

The Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee voted yesterday to kill the senator’s baby. By a 5 -4 (party line, surprise, surprise) vote, the committee rejected Bachmann’s bill to put a gay marriage ban amendment on the November ballot for a public referendum. The interesting part though was the family dynamics.

Bachmann must have seen her step-sister, Helen Lafave, at the hearing, and she must have known it was not a Helpful Thing to the senator. You see, Helen Lafave is a lesbian who sat behind the senator while she testified, and then testified herself against Michele’s Baby. Spot says check out the pictures at the link.

And you thought your Thanksgivings were tense because you’re a Packer fan and your brother-in-law loves the Vikings! Spotty bets that family keeps a lot of therapists employed.

Bachmann, of course, vows revenge. What else could she vow? Certainly not acceptance or understanding.

Spot was looking at the picture of the senator in the linked story. Michele Bachmann and Katherine Harris: separated at birth? Spot’s inclined to believe it.

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