Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sigmund Spot plays chess

Ja, zat Katie, she is an open book, zat one! Today, she tells za story of za kinder in Minneapolis playing at za chess. Sigmund Spot likes chess and is glad za students are playing! But even in za story about za kinder playing games, Katie has za agenda.

Katie zes there were hundreds of za kinder playing chess recently at Washburn High School. Azzume that Katie spoke to many of zem. Out of all za kinder Katie could have chosen to quote, she picks zis one:
Kiernan Skelly, a fifth-grader at Seward School, started playing chess in kindergarten. "I like being part of a chess team because you have fun together, but it's not like football, where if one person messes up, everybody falls."

Ja, zat
little Kiernan! Destined to grow up to be just as anti-social as Katie! And calculating, too:
Kiernan Skelly, the Seward fifth-grader, who is headed to the national tournament, says the benefits of chess go far beyond trophies. "I would be a different person if I didn't play chess," he says. "It's taught me to think multiple moves ahead, and to plan for the future in everything I do." [italics are Sigmund Spot’s]

Ja, maybe zat little Kiernan would have some muscle tone! You’re as bad as regular Spot! Apologize! Sigmund Spot is sorry. He really knows nothing about Kiernan, and he wishes Kiernan well at chess or whatever he choses to do in the future.

But Sigmund Spot zes zat Katie’s selection of quotes – ones zat resonate with her – tell uns more about Katie zan Kiernan.


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