Monday, April 24, 2006

Shacking up Catholic

Professional writer that he is, Da Wege runs the numbers on Katie’s column today: St. Thomas leader courageously took principled route. He proves with clinical precision that Katie selects her words from the right side of the periodic table. (For you humanities types, that is where elements like Pb are located.) Spot has no desire to flog a dead horse. However, there are a couple of things that Spotty would like to call your attention.

The object of Katie’s affection in the column today is The Rev. Dennis Dease, the president of St. Thomas who recently decreed that, well, let’s let Katie set it up:
Recently, St. Thomas was roiled by a dispute over its travel policy. Some faculty members demanded that unmarried faculty and staff who are romantically involved be allowed to share a hotel room when on official college trips with students.

Dease begged to differ.

He had the audacity to point out that St. Thomas, as a Catholic institution, could not turn a blind eye to blatant disregard for Catholic principles about sex outside of marriage -- at least on school-sponsored trips with students.

But what our duplicitous correspondent Katie doesn’t tell us, boys and girls, is that the issue only arose over an unmarried, romantically-involved same-sex couple.You have to wonder how often the heteros have shacked up on the St. Thomas tab without a comment.

Spotty has always been impressed that Katie can distinguish between pronouncements by church officials that are good, as she believes here, and when they are bad. It must take a powerful intellect.


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