Thursday, April 27, 2006

Katie's addiction

United 93, the new film about the hijacked plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, is apparently a real horror show. It could hardly be otherwise. Spot thinks it should be rated NK. What’s NK, Spotty? NK, grasshopper, means No Katie - Katherine Kersten. She’s not up to it. If Katie sees that film, the rest of us will have to suffer through the after effects for months in her “column.” We will undoubtedly see a gushing review from her soon.

Katie already has a serious 9/11 addiction. It gives her the DTs quite often. But Katie hasn’t hit bottom yet; she isn’t yet ready to turn her life around and begin the long road to recovery. You see, when Katie takes a hit of 9/11 hysteria, it gives her a nationalistic and nativist high that she can’t get any other way.

Problem is, Katie and addicts like her want to take the rest of us with them. That why they love to wave the bloody shirt. This movie is just another one to wave.

The craven producers of the movie had a premier with some of the passengers’ family members attending. One legitimately grieving attendee said:
Allison Vadham, the daughter of a passenger, said the movie serves as more than just a typical night out at the theaters.

"We can't forget" about the hijacking, she said. "We have to remember what happened, why it happened. And we can't fool ourselves into thinking that it won't happen again."

It’s not the forgetting that worries Spot; it’s the addiction.

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