Thursday, April 13, 2006

Katie has a crush

On a hunky white South African, Jaco van Rooyen. In Katie’s words in her column today:
Jaco van Rooyen, a 22-year-old South African immigrant worker, hasn't been out there waving a sign [in the recent immigration demonstrations]. He's a legal immigrant playing by the rules. In short, he's a forgotten man.

A white guy who plays by the rules is enough to make Katie feel all warm and even fuzzier.

This guy’s problem is that he didn’t follow the advice of every immigration lawyer to every immigrant here on a temporary work or student visa: fall in love with and marry a citizen. Maybe he’s gay and can’t get married! Although Katie wouldn’t write about him if she thought Jaco was gay.

Spot is already tired of writing about Katie’s dreck and recommends that you read the Wege for a full report.

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