Friday, March 23, 2007

Damn, it’s not Hinderaker!

Word comes today that Spartan Gerald Nolting at Faegre & Benson has donned his feathered helmet and unsheathed his mighty briefcase in defense of Mr. and Mrs. Bigot. No word yet on whether the Bigots will accept their magnanimous champion's offer of free representation in litigation brought by the imams against US Airways, the Metropolitan Airports Commission, and perhaps the Bigots, if they can be found. They seem to be lying pretty low at the moment.

According to the Washington Times, Spartan Nolting said this in laying down the gauntlet:

Gerry Nolting, whose Minnesota law firm Faegre & Benson LLP is offering to represent passengers for free, says the judicial system is being "used for intimidation purposes" and that it is "just flat wrong and needs to be strongly, strongly discouraged."

Oh is that right, Gerry? It is remarkable to Spot that without even representing a party in the litigation or conducting any investigation, interviews or discovery whatsoever, Spartan Gerry already knows exactly what the lawsuit is about and who is telling the truth. That's the kind of lawyer you want, boys and girls, if you ever get into trouble.

Oh, and Spartan Gerry is obviously discerning when it comes to lawyers using the law to intimidate people.

Nolting is a sidekick of John Hinderacker. It's too bad Johnny won't be at the helm of the defense; we've seen him in action before.

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