Saturday, March 24, 2007

Insulation of Bigotry Act of 2007, part 2

We have to spend some more time on this stinker, boys and girls. You may recall from Spot's earlier post that H.R. 1640, co-sponsored by Minnesota's own Congressman John Kline, purports to insulate people who report "suspicious behavior" to authorities.

What kind of "suspicious behavior," Spotty?

Well, let's look at this archetype of legislative craftsmanship, shall we, grasshopper? Spot has the bill right here. Hmmmm, let's see, suspicious . . . suspicious. You know, grasshopper the Colonel's bill doesn't limit the meaning of "suspicious behavior" in any way. It must cover all kinds of suspicious behavior! Let's see if we can think of some examples.

A brown-skinned man moved into your neighborhood recently. He came home last night with a white woman who was still there when you went to bed at 10:30. Suspicious? You bet!

A woman who always wears a veil walks past your house twice a day, in opposite directions each time. She often glances up and sees you scowling on the porch. You think she may be checking out your place to use as an al Qaeda safe house, after killing you and stuffing your body in the attic. Suspicious? Obviously.

You're at the grocery store. Two women behind you in line are chatting in some gibberish you don't understand. They seem to be complaining about something. You try to move forward and away from them, but they just step forward right behind you. You get really nervous, and then the two women start to laugh. Suspicious? Spot says you should be!

You know, boys and girls, there was a lot of score settling that went on in tribal Afghanistan when word got out that the CIA was paying informants to finger al Qaeda suspects. Imagine, settling a grudge and getting paid for it, too. It is likewise dangerous mischief to set people and groups against each other, fanning their paranoia and distrust.

That's all that H.R. 1640 does. As we have seen, it is meaningless as a law, incapable of being construed, applied, or enforced. The only thing it serves to accomplish is to reinforce the bigotry of those persons already so inclined.

A thump of the tail to CP for the inspiration.

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