Monday, March 19, 2007

Who the blank is Janet?

Spot NEVER reads SCSU Scholars, which sounds like an academic site, but is really just a gaggle of blow hards in the Hugh Hewitt/Glenn Reynolds/Victor Davis Hanson mode. The site did come up recently on a Google search gone terribly wrong, and Spot saw that the Academic "Janet" intended to go to Washington, D.C. last weekend, prepared to lay her life on the line, if necessary, to prevent any mischievous anti-war protester from, um, despoiling our National Monuments, including the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Why she thought the Park Police were not up to the task, Janet didn't say.

But it seemed important to Academic Janet.

Well, there was a large protest in Washington and other cities yesterday. And Janet, true to her word, was there! Janet reported on her field trip to her friends:
The usual protest representatives were there: sixties hippies; their kids; ANSWER; Che Guevara; the pacifist and anti-fight for anything crowd. They were joined by another assortment of protesters: high school kids bussed in from Philly - they get extra credit in their US History classes if they participate in a protest (note, anti, not pro); a few who dressed like Palestinians and carried signs for the oppression of the Palestinians; "No war with Iran" crowd; impeach everyone crowd; anti-Halliburton; etc. These people are well-financed, signage is good. [you know, Academic Janet, a colon or even a semicolon would have been a better break than a comma in the last sentence; perhaps the protesters just included some gays with good design sense!]

On the other hand, the vets were proud, professional, and polite. Speakers summarized some real history - in particular, the real culprits for Vietnam casualties. One speaker, Kevin Michael of DC was particularly powerful! He is a Desert Storm Veteran and proud of it. He speaks well for all veterans.
Vietnam? Desert Storm? Spot thought that the protest was about current events: these guys are just taking a trip down memory lane.

Anyway, Spot found a couple of pictures of the proud, professional, and polite people that Academic Janet is talking about:

I don't know what you think, boys and girls, but they look like soccer hooligans to Spot! You can read a couple of first-hand accounts of people at the protest at the Winter Patriot. Academic Janet apparently had a good time, though.

Spot did notice that SCSU Scholars has a poster named King, too. Spot had a puphood friend named King; he was a dachshund.

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