Saturday, March 03, 2007

Don't flatter yourself, Michel

Michael Brokdorp, who is apparently off sunning himself on a rock somewhere, thinks he has the power to ruin somebody's vacation:


As you can tell from the picture below, I'm not in Minnesota, but that doesn't mean I'm not walking on the beach looking for a scoop or good story. For example, I was walking to get some dinner and who do I see frolicking on the beach? A women who looks exactly, and I mean exactly, like Amy Klobuchar's former communications director Tara McGuinness. That's right…this Tara McGuinness.

As a part-time consultant to Mark Kennedy's campaign, I saw Tara at a few campaign events, but we have never spoken. If I see this woman tomorrow, I may introduce myself and confirm that she is Tara. On the other hand, if it is Tara, I don't want to ruin her vacation.

posted by Michael B. Brodkorb at 7:34 pm
Seeing anybody connected with the lame campaign of Mark Kennedy, even you Mr. Broadcorp, can only induce mild euphoria in a former Klobuchar staffer, any staffer. Go ahead and say hello.


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