Monday, October 08, 2007

Checking out the Borg

On the internets, boys and girls, there are just a few political or public policy sites, especially the blogs, that don't just rely on the printed word or the occasional tip.

That's what you do, mostly, isn't it Spotty?

Well, yes, grasshopper, but this post is not about Spot. Now, go sit in the corner, you impertinent little pup. Where were we? Oh, yes.

There are sites that do original and investigative research. One of Spot's favorites has long been Media Transparency, from our fair city, that does great work on conservative philanthropy and its effect on the media, education, and even liberal religious institutions. There are several good contributors to Media Transparency; Bill Berkowitz, who some of you may know from other venues, is an especial standout.

One of the writers, Rob Levine, who lists himself last on the roster, is actually the motive force behind Media Transparency and its sibling site,; the latter being a news aggregator that has been around about as long as anyone in the aggregator biz.

Is this going anywhere, Spotty?

Yes, grasshopper, it is. Rob Levine has a blog that he calls The Triumph of Conservative Philanthropy. Rob has a new post up about the integration of conservative philanthropy and the media right here in River City. Rob is a pretty good dot connecter himself:

As I have argued in numerous venues, the CAE is a "think tank" in name only; it is really an extension of the Republican party, and a cog in the larger conservative movement. The fact that a good friend of theirs is the political editor at the Trib, and one of its founders is a news columnist are indicators of a strong influence on the definition of news in the Twin Cities. Kersten herself often works in tandem with Powerlineblog; frequently you'll see a particular topic covered by Johnson or Hinderaker, only to have the story appear in Kersten's column shortly thereafter. It works the other way, too. In another post just above the one referenced in this post Johnson links to three recent Kersten columns warning of the anarchy awaiting the country for tolerating Critical Mass bike rides.

Power Line wrote about the bicyclists, too? Boy, Scott Johnson is One of Three and Katie is Zero of One from the Borg, aren't they Spotty?

You watch too much television grasshopper.

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