Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Katie, Tracy, and Vernon

Spotty, is that a song sung to the tune of Dion's Abraham, Martin, and John?

Hardly, grasshopper. But Katie, Tracy, and Vernon are connected in a weird way.


Well, you know Katie; Tracy is the purveyor of a stream of reptilian invective at a blog called "Anti-Strib," and Vernon is Vernon Bellecourt, who died a few days ago.

Let's start with Vernon Bellecourt, Vernon's brother, Clyde, was the founder of the American Indian Movement; Vernon joined him soon after its founding. One of the issues that was important to Vernon was a discontinuation of the use of Indian names as sports team mascots. Here are a couple of items from the linked article about Vernon Bellecourt's life:

1997: Arrested in Cleveland during World Series protests of the Cleveland Indians' mascot, Chief Wahoo. Charges dropped. Also, demonstrates on the property of Alliant Techsystems in Hopkins in protest against production of land mines.

1998: Arrested again in Indian nickname protest. Never charged.

Gee, Spotty, it looks like he didn't like land mines, either. What a spoil sport!

Well, Katie sure thinks so, grasshopper. In her column yesterday, Katie taunts the University of Minnesota over an advisory committee's recommendation against playing the North Dakota "Fighting Sioux" nick-named teams and challenges athletic director Joel Maturi to overturn it. She points to inconsistencies: some Indians names are apparently OK while "Fighting Sioux" is not. Katie has a point.

But rather than arguing that the UofM should consistently avoid playing teams with Indian mascot names, she argues in favor of scrapping the advisory committee's recommendation altogether.

Spotty, Katie doesn't seem very sensitive to the sensibilities of the Indians, does she? Where do you suppose that comes from?

Grasshopper, it undoubtedly comes from drinking the Kool-Aid from the same cup as Tracy, who recently penned this: Dirt Worshiping Heathens:

Nothing pisses me off when some liberal brings up the asinine idea that American Indians were some sort of “Noble Savages”. They got the savage part right but most tribes were far from noble.

Laying the ambiguous grammar aside, we will assume that Tracy means to say that he doesn't like American Indians. Tracy confirms the hypothesis a little later in the post:

The life of an Indian was no nobler, nor much different from that of a bear, a snake or a timber wolf. Their life cycles were identical: hunt, kill, eat, sleep, fuck, die. I’d compare them to the entire animal kingdom, but that would be an insult to beavers. A honey bee could be said to have a more complex, evolved society than a Native American[.]

It is unclear to Spot precisely what set him off on this rant; it seems to have just sprung fully-formed from the head of Tracy. It is apparently miraculous that the company of Lewis and Clark was protected through the winter by the Mandan Dakota, rather than just being eaten for dinner!

Tracy is a member of the Alliance of Free Blogs, an organization that employs a logo that looks like it was derived from the one employed by Adolph Hitler's merry band. You can see it on Tracy''s site; Spot won't reproduce it here.

Ooh, Spotty, Doug Tice isn't gonna like that!

Tough. Perhaps more pertinent, Tracy is a member of the Minnesota Organization of Blogs, or MOB. Power Line, and Katie's BFF Scott Johnson, are also members of MOB. And the perfesser, King Banaian, is running to be the mayor of MOB.

Katie and Tracy are just tapping a deep vein of racism right here in Minnesota.

A thump of the tail to Avidor for the Anti-Strib link.

[update] Nick Coleman—a favorite of the gomerel Tracy, natch—had a fine column today with more information about Vernon Bellecourt. [/update]

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