Sunday, October 07, 2007

Please sir, can I have some more?

Spot is a latecomer to SCSU Scholars, especially the offerings of the Iron Maiden, Janet. It's been Spot's loss. Today, Janet lamented about this:

Spoiled Kids

On a recent bike ride through our neighborhood I saw examples like the following. Mom works outside the home, as does Dad. They have two boys, about ages 10 and 12. Guess who does the yard work?

Dad mows the grass; mom sweeps if off the road and walkways. Apparently the kids were told to walk the dog so they got on their bikes, put the dog on a leash and "walked" it for maybe five minutes. Both kids returned home and are now in the house. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad are finishing the lawn activities.

Want to guess when these two boys will become responsible?

Janet's right. By the time kids are ten, they really should be yoked to a plow. If they aren't put in the harness by then, they might not grow up to be the same joyless plodder you are, Janet. That would be tragic.

Spot has a piece of advice for you Janet: mind your own damn business. You are the kind of person that helped define the term "common scold."

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