Tuesday, October 09, 2007

An update from Janet!

Janet has updated the scolding post about layabout children that Spot mentioned here:

On Monday, The St. Paul Pioneer Press carried an article on the necessity of children doing chores around the home, not for money but responsibility and carrying their share of the load. The article includes suggestions and tips. It appears one of the major excuses for not requiring kids to do chores is that parents want to spend time with their kids without "nagging" them. We're not helping our kids be relieving them of all responsibility related to living spaces.

A major chore is picking up toys, games, etc. and no one wants to do it - maybe because there are so many of them. A simple solution here is to gather all the toys, games, etc. and give away at least 50% of them. Problem partially solved.

All right, buster! Pick up those toys or Teddy here buys the farm!

You didn't make you bed again! It goes on the auction block in the front yard right after school. And no, you may not bid on it. You have to watch, though.

Where's your hamster? I fed him to the cat. Changing the litter in the cage is a Saturday morning job, and you didn't get around to it until nearly one o'clock.

Sigh. Spot hopes that the scholarly Janet is not in the psychology department. Or a parent, for that matter.

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