Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Inhaling the Kristol-meth

Alternate title: Halloween comes a week early to Minnesota!

Billy Kristol, a/k/a Bloody William, speaks tonight—Tuesday—at the fall bonding ritual of the Center of the American Experiment. And what a gala event it promises to be! Kristol will undoubtedly be peddling his latest project: war with Iran.

Kristol is one of the movers and shakers of the New Citizenship Project, which is in turn responsible for the Project for the New American Century:

An initiative of the New Citizenship Project, a 501(c)(3) organization headed by William Kristol (Chairman) and Gary Schmitt (President), the Project for the New American Century was funded in part by such organizations as the Sarah Scaife Foundation, the John M. Olin Foundation and the Bradley Foundation.

On January 26, 1998, in the PNAC's open letter to President Bill Clinton, its members explicitly called for a U.S. ground campaign to oust Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq.

And we know what an unsurpassed success that has been, don't we boys and girls! Although Spot doesn't have a link at the moment, Kristol is the same sage who told us before the Iraq war that we really didn't need to worry about enmity between the Sunnis and the Shia. Kristol is just another confidence man like Richard Perle or "Cakewalk" Adelman.

It is really ironic that the Project for the New American Century types like William Kristol are only increasing the speed of the US decline as the "world's only superpower" as they like to call it. Here's the overview of a book by Professor Charles A. Kupchan, titled The End of the American Era:

At a time when American primacy appears to be stronger than ever, Council [on Foreign Relations] Fellow and Georgetown Professor Charles Kupchan argues that the end of Pax Americana is near. What will replace American supremacy, and how American leaders should prepare for this new era, are the central questions of this provocative new book.

In a work of remarkable scope, Kupchan contends that the next challenge to America is fast emerging. It comes not from the Islamic world or an ascendant China, however, but from an integrating Europe, whose economy already rivals America’s. According to Kupchan, as the European Union seeks influence commensurate with its economic status, it will inevitably rise as a counterweight to the United States. America and Europe are parting ways, and the discord will extend well beyond the realm of trade. Decades of strategic partnership are poised to give way to renewed geopolitical competition.

Kupchan argues that the unraveling of American primacy will be expedited by growing opposition at home to the country's burdensome role as global guardian. Although temporarily reawakened by terrorism, America's appetite for international engagement is on the wane; the country’s historic aversion to foreign entanglements is making a comeback. Returning as well is America's fondness for unilateral action, which risks alienating the partners needed to tame an increasingly complex world.

Here's the preface to the book.

You can look forward to a glowing account of this demagogue's appearance in coming days from Power Line and Katie.

A thump of the tail to Rob Levine for the event link.

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