Friday, February 08, 2008

Drinking Liberally last night

Well, did any of you boys and girls go to the 331 Club for DL last night?

I did Spotty, but there weren't any DL people there!

Of course not, grasshopper, because DL was at the Chatterbox in St. Paul last night. If you had been paying attention, you would have known that.

Sorry, Spotty.

Did you at least wish Alisha Happy Birthday? (It's tomorrow.)

No, I didn't know it was her birthday.

Now you know, so be sure to tell her next week, okay?

We will, Spotty!

Grasshopper, what you missed was a chance to meet Steve Sarvi, a DFLer who is running for Congress in the Second District and for the seat currently held by John Kline.

Sarvi spoke about his time in Iraq and the bond he forged with a mayor in a town in Iraq. He spoke about the issues that we face in Iraq: tribal and sectarian distrust, de-Baaathification (Sarvi expressed some reservations about it), and and the slow pace of reconciliation and progress in the Iraqi government. He also spoke about making health care universal and portable.

Steve had just come from a press conference in St. Paul making the formal announcement of his candidacy. Here's a picture of Steve addressing the DL group:

Steve has some young supporters, too. Here's Robin Marty (a DL organizer, among other things) and her two-month old daughter Violet:

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