Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Spot's excellent adventure!

When he turned south off of Vernon Avenue onto Tracy Avenue and found himself in an immediate traffic jam, Spot knew something BIG was happening. When he inched over the Crosstown nearly an hour later, he knew it was REALLY BIG; there were cars backed up as far as one could see on the Crosstown for the Tracy Avenue exit. When Spot parked his car a half a mile from Valley View Middle School, where the Edina DFL caucuses were held, and walked the rest of the way, he knew it was a caucus like he had never seen before.

And it was.

The caucuses were mobbed. In Spot's precinct, the vote was one-eighty something to seventy something, Obama over Clinton. Or was it one-seventy something to  eighty something? Either way, it was about two to one for Obama. This in an Edina precinct that did NOT go for Kerry in 2004 (most of them did). There were a lot of people Spot had seen before, but a lot of new ones, too. A great night, all in all.

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