Monday, February 04, 2008

Spot said there would be a test

In his last post, linking to the Chuck Olsen video interview of the church members in, well, that's one of the questions, Spot said there would be a test. Here it is:

Where is the church that Chuck visited?

At the Jack Daniels' distillery, Spot?

No, grasshopper, but you're warm.

What was the name of the pastor of the little church that Chuck visited?

Sandy Carson.


George Bush said recently that he would secure a peace treaty between the Palestinians and the Israelis by the end of his term. When do these people believe there will be peace in the Middle East?

Um, a year after that?

Not even close.

What period do the church members think we're living in?

The presidential campaign season?

Did you even watch the video grasshopper?


Were you doing anything else at the same time, grasshopper?

Well, I was texting my friends.

Spot thinks you had better go back and watch it again, and pay better attention.

One more question, boys and girls. The pastor and flock in the video say that the United States is based on the Bible? Is that right?

We know the answer to that one. We've talked about it many times. The Constitution specifically prohibits religious tests for office holders, and the First Amendment says that government must stay away from religion but permit its exercise.

There may be hope for you yet, grasshopper.

How did the rest of you do, boys and girls?

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