Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thar he blows!

Blowhole Bob, that is, writing in this week's Sun Current:

To the editor:

I am absolutely livid with our two Edina state representatives, Ron Erhardt and Neil Peterson, for voting for the Democrats' $6 billion transportation bill.

Not only did these Republican In Name Only representatives turn their backs on the governor and their Republican caucus, but also slapped their constituents with an added expense that is not necessary. As Gov. Tim Pawlenty has stated numerous times, there is more than enough money to cover roads and bridges by allocating funds in a more prudent manner.

Our real Republican leaders offered a competing plan that invests more than seven times as much in local road and bridges and uses reliable, long-term funding to build and maintain the state's transportation systems without burdening taxpayers while keeping healthy commitments to other areas of government.

To see how this plan works you simply need to e-mail House Minority Leader Marty Seifert at and ask for the House Republicans transportation solutions.

It is evident by their votes that Reps. Erhardt and Peterson did not read their own party's plan.

Bob Maginnis

Well, indeed, Bob, who are you going to believe? The sweaty ideologue Marty Seifert or long-time Edina legislator Ron Erhardt and former Bloomington mayor Neil Peterson?

Spot's advice? Take a pill, Bob, and maybe get out of your Chrysler Cordoba.

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