Sunday, February 03, 2008

Henry Kissinger's kid sister

She has ditched her accent and is living in Edina, Minnesota. And she changed her name to Sue Covnick. But you can see the family resemblance in this video called Red and Blue Edina on the Star Tribune website. The reporter interviewed two Edina neighbors, a DFLer named Danielle Arlowe, and GOPer Covnick, the latter who wanted to make the case for Mittens, or even the closet liberal John McCain, or any Republican, really, over Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Heaven forfend!

Sue has obviously been listening to the Republican fright parade, also known as the Republican presidential campaign. Who could blame Sue for being frightened, listening to John McCain, Mittens, Fred Thompson, et al., all these months? Why, Sue must be afraid of her own shadow by now.

Sue has memorized all the buzzwords of the fright parade: 9/11, terrorism, al Qaeda, "the world has changed." Actually, what changed after 9/11 is that Sue and her buddies learned that there was a world outside the United States! And they've had a difficult time coping.

Sue thinks we need a president who will keep us on top, or return us there. How, she doesn't say, but it probably involves kicking some impertinent brown ass. When we assume our rightful status, according to Sue, it will help make the American Dream available for everybody. Everybody, Sue?

The American people get a scolding from Sue for not paying more attention to "security." Jeebus, Sue, the US spends more on defense than most of, maybe all of, the rest of the world combined. It's driving us to the poor house. How's that gonna make us more secure?

Anyway, Spot recommends the video. You can watch Caucasian Sue sit on her Caucasian couch in front of her Caucasian curtains telling us about the world she lives in. What color is the sky in your world, Sue?

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