Wednesday, February 13, 2008


That looks like an email address, Spotty.

No, no, grasshopper, it's a text message. It means DFL candidate for US Senate Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer will be at Drinking Liberally tomorrow night for a meet and greet, and perhaps offer a few words. Jack is a terrific speaker with a great grasp of the issues. Be sure to come, grasshopper; you'll probably learn something from the professor.

We will, Spotty. Where and when again?

The 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis, a block north of Broadway on University. Here's a map. The usual meeting time is six to nine. Jack is slated to arrive around seven. But he'll probably be on Candidate Standard Time, so don't grouse if he is a little late.

We won't Spotty!

See you there.

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