Sunday, May 04, 2008

Andy Aplikowski: an American metaphor

Boys and girls, Spot has been making fun of Andy and his run in with the law over the past few days. But the denouement, at least in Andy's fevered imagination, deserves special mention.

By way of background, Andy's loveable mutt, Lugnut, apparently jumped Andy's fence and picked a fight with the neighbor dog. Andy is offended that he received a citation for a loose dog. And he decided that he needed a better fence, apparently to protect Lugnut and his kennel mates, but it is not altogether clear from what.

Well, good news, boys and girls; the new fence is up:

Mission accomplished! The doggies are now safe and secure. 

I’m fracking exhausted! Too bad now I have to deal with a huge pile of hedge brush, spread some dirt, and lay some sod back there. 

But the doggies are safe and we have some privacy.

This is truly a relief, Andy! No longer can the occasional yip of the Chihuahua next door provoke the slavering Lugnut into engaging in an act of preventive aggression! We will all sleep so much better now.

Well, okay, Spotty, Andy's being a moron, but how is he a metaphor?

It's pretty obvious, grasshopper. Andy is the aggressor, or at least Lugnut is, and yet Andy believes that he is the aggrieved party and the one in need of protection. This is the work of a genuine sociopath.

Andy's thinking mirrors perfectly the thinking of the Bush administration on foreign policy. We act like thugs, and then moan with self-pity when there is blowback. But we're so good! We only want to help! It is so ungracious of the Iraqi people not to be more grateful for our help! We merely want to help the Iraqis be free to sell us their oil at low prices! How selfless is that?

No only the Iraqis, but the Saudis. And think how much better off the Iranians would be if they could sell us oil cheap, too! It really is astonishing and saddening that so many people misunderstand the United States and its intentions.

Andy, and Dave and Joe will just write this off as another rant by the "blame America first" crowd. Spot would expect nothing less from the vacuous cheerleaders of a morally bankrupt foreign policy.

Until we figure it out, though, and decide that we should treat other countries as colleagues rather than the conquered, we will not know peace.

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