Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mr. Beale goes to Sandstone

No, it's not the title of a Jimmy Stewart movie, it's the end result of the downfall of Robert Beale, whose sorry state we've considered here, here, and here.
A trial that at times seemed to exist in parallel universes, with accepted law in one dimension and Robert Beale in the other, came back firmly to earth Wednesday.

Ignoring Beale's indignation, religious beliefs and obscure interpretations of the U.S. Constitution and philosophy, a federal jury in Minneapolis took only two hours to find him guilty of all seven counts brought against him for tax evasion, conspiracy and fleeing authorities.

That's a pretty quick guilty verdict. It's deserved, but what about the employees of the company he founded and built? The family?* The brilliance that the man clearly displayed in the past? What happens to turn someone so smart and successful into such a nutjob? Heck if I know.

*Notable exception being young Theodore, for reasons that should be obvious.

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