Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quiz time!

A quiz for our readers! Which of the following statements were made by libertarian and notorious union opponent John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, and which were made by Minnesota’s Democratic Farmer Labor Party candidate Mike Hatch?

1. “A small cabal of [workers] attempted to organize a union…”

2. “The right to collective bargaining (unionization) is an important legal right. It is important that employees, when they wish to, should have the legal right to form unions.”

3. “The union organizing committee, however, is so weak that it has to resort to anonymity in an effort to give CPR to their comatose effort. Instead of putting their names by their accusations, they hide in the cloak of anonymity looking for any scribner [sic] to serve as their hand maiden”

4. “Our [workers] can have unions, but they don't want unions because they create this adversarial relationship in the workplace.”

5. “The [union supporting] mud throwers do a real disservice to the citizens, the state, and the many talented, hardworking employees in the [workplace] with their vitriolic and unlawful organizing campaign.”

Answers later on, or whenever I get around to posting them.

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