Friday, May 23, 2008

The Christian roots of the Cucking Stool

In an article describing the ancient Banwell Church in England, the Weston and Somerset Mercury newspaper has this interesting note about cucking stools:

The church records of Banwell are especially interesting, and the registers go back to 1569. Of particular interest is the entry in 1568 that reads: "Pd John Payne for the Kooken stool, 17s." The Kooken Stool or Cucking Stool was a specially made chair to which scolding wives of inhabitants, guilty of misdemeanours, were tied and thrown into the water. No doubt Banwell Pond was the place of 'execution' and where the villagers assembled to watch the ducking.

From now on, boys and girls, you must think of Spot as merely doing his Christian duty.

Update: Whoa! Never mind cucking stools. Be sure to read the last post from MNO on Republicans and money.

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