Tuesday, May 13, 2008

John Kline blames Democrats!

Last weekend, John Kline had an op ed piece in the Strib. The thrust of his argument was that the US should drill in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, expand drilling on the continental shelf, and build refineries and nuclear power plants. Oh, and don't forget coal. We have a lot of coal!

As a champion of the crystal pyre scenario, Kline says we have only one place to look to place the blame for our energy woes: the Democrats.

Spot has been meaning to write about Kline's indictment, but now he finds that he doesn't have to; Chris Truscott penned a blog post about it yesterday. Here's just a little of what Chris say:

And Speaker Pelosi delivered it on Jan. 18, 2007 [the common-sense plan that Kline demands], when House Democrats and Republicans came together to pass legislation to end subsidies for big oil so we could invest the savings into American-made renewable energy. Kline should remember. He was there and voted no. (And his Republican colleagues in the Senate totally killed this measure last December when the House version of the energy bill was watered down beyond recognition.

Instead of common-sense, Kline offered us in January 2007 tired rhetoric and half-measures. America was on the brink of a serious energy crisis and he had a chance to lead. Instead he took a pass and now wants to re-write history.

Some of you boys and girls will remember that until recently Chris Truscott was the press secretary for the Ashwin Madia campaign where he helped Ash win the DFL endorsement for the Third District of Congress. He's now returned to the blogosphere. Welcome back, Chris.

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