Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Drinking Liberally coming attractions!

Don't face the yawning maw of winter alone! Set aside Thursday nights, six to nine or so, for Drinking Liberally in Minneapolis. We meet at the 331 Club in northeast Minneapolis. Here's what we have coming up in the next few weeks:

January 8th - John Lesch, a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives from St. Paul, will be our guest. Rep. Lesch is scheduled to arrive around eight. There will probably some toasts to our new Senator, Al Franken, too.

January 15th - Sandy Pappas, a member of the  Minnesota Senate from St. Paul, will be our guest. Sen. Pappas is scheduled to arrive around seven thirty.

Both of these legislators will talk a little about the upcoming session at the Legislature and especially the looming budget deficit.

January 22nd - It will be two days after the Inauguration, but we're going to have a party to celebrate the beginning of Barack Obama's presidency. There will be stirring patriotic speeches - well, maybe - and Spot will see if someone in that night's band can do a guitar riff on Hail to the Chief. The winning entry in the Drinking Liberally unofficial Official Drink of the Obama Administration  will be determined by then, too, so perhaps you'll be able to buy a specimen of the winner and toast our new President.

See you there!

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