Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is going to take some time

How refreshing to read this in the paper this morning:
Coleman camp devises 5-stage challenge to Franken's numbers

The Coleman campaign proposed that its legal challenge take place in five stages, with all stages to occur only if he picks up "a significant number of votes" along the way.

How long will a five stage process take? The Cucking Stool’s investigative team has uncovered the actual schedule Coleman's attorneys have proposed be used in the election contest litigation. A massive document yet to be filed, it calls for a six year timeline of staged and phased complex litigation designed to ferret out and locate as many Coleman votes as it can. Beginning in Stage One with those wrongly rejected votes in GOP leaning precincts, it moves on to areas likely to be less fruitful, with an anticipated conclusion date of August 2014. While the entire document is under wraps, we were able to obtain the first page of the anticipated filing.

Reproduced below, the proposal does have one suggestion aimed at judicial economy: it calls for the immediate end to litigation at the moment Coleman pulls ahead. Can't have these things drag on forever, you know.

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