Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great for the kids

For those of us who have try to raise our children to be smart, sophisticated, world-wise, we now have a new tool: the Playmobil Security Checkpoint. The customer reviews are particularly helpful in choosing this toy.
"Thank you Playmobil for allowing me to teach my 5-year old the importance of recognizing what a failing bureaucracy in a ever growing fascist state looks like."
"This toy would be a lot more realistic with about 350 people standing in line for an average of an hour. It still makes a nice set with the interrogation room."
"This toy is a wonderful start but...I think expansion packs would really increase the enjoyment. Could you imagine the fun kids could have with the "Mother forced to drink bottled breast milk to prove it's not explosive" expansion, the "What do you mean I'm the No-Fly List?" and especially the "Body Cavity Search, Wait, What?" set."
Best comment, though, is here.

(h/t to the Shaker gang)

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