Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Taking victimhood to new levels

Spotty has from time to time examined the tendency of movement conservatives to put their collective feet down hard on the victimhood pedal.

But I think that the Dane County Republican Party has taken this trick to the ultimate extreme. They have asked members of the local press to not publish the name of their Chairman. This bizarre move became clear at a post-election party thrown by the group:
He was there, all right, periodically addressing the audience from the podium. But he was not wearing a nametag and never said his name. Bill Richardson, the group's spokesman, told Isthmus the chair's name, but asked that it not be used. Other media were asked not to photograph or quote anyone without permission, expressly to prevent the negative consequences that could ensue from being exposed as a Republican.

* * *

Other Dane County Republicans, avers Richardson, live in near-constant fear. "Their cars get keyed, all the time," he says. "Their homes are painted with obscenities. Things are burned into their lawns. Their kids are scared half to death."
Right. Actually, I think that the group's spokesman actually came closer to the mark in making the request when he blurted out:
....[H]e doesn't like dealing with the press: "He gets so passionate and so upset he's afraid he'll say something stupid."

Is this a trend we can look forward to seeing in Minnesota?

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