Monday, January 19, 2009

Pardon Lotto (Updated)

Less than a week from now, our long national nightmare will be over. How many pardons will we see of high-ranking Bush administration officials will we see over the next several days? Anyone want to weigh in?

My wholly uneducated guess is about fifteen. Yoo, Addington, and the rest of the top tier of torture supporters. Miers, Bolton, and Rove on the US Attorneys firings. Miscellaneous admin officials (Scooter Libby, James Tobin) are likely, too. There will probably be those who authorized the warrantless wiretapping (whoever they are). Throw in those two border guards and a few white collar thieves (Michael Milkin, Martha Stewart) and I think we'll be at fifteen or so.

Not Cheney - he doesn't believe he did anything wrong, so why take a pardon? Maybe Ted Stevens. Not Gonzales - when has the Bush family ever lent a helping hand to the hired help? Not Rumsfeld - like many others, his crimes aren't wholly domestic in nature, so a pardon is of very limited usefulness to him.

Your guess?

Bump and Update: The two border guards had their sentences commuted. More updates as the information is released.

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