Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rep. John Kline, still opposed to equality

John Kline recently commented on the Ledbetter Act, which would simply restore previous interpretations of the time limitations that have been part of the Civil Rights Act for decades:
Republicans said the bill was unfair to employers. They will be exposed to “decades-old discrimination claims that they have no ability to defend,” said Representative John Kline, Republican of Minnesota.

Remember, all the bill does is restore the way the statute of limitations works back to the way it's been all along. Congressman Kline apparently thinks it's a-ok for employers to pay women less than what men are paid if they can just keep it under wraps for 180 days.

Which is worse, decades-old discrimination never remedied or the chance that some employer might have to defend itself against legitimate claims?

Lucky for women, racial minorities, and other victims of discrimination, the law passed despite Rep. Kline's stance. And despite Rep. Bachmann's, too. Bachmann, who attended law school in an age when Title IX had opened up the doors to women like never before, said this about the Act:
[It does]nothing for the struggling American worker and go a long way in lining the pockets of a key political ally of the House majority– trial lawyers.

It really does feel good to watch them and their ridiculous ideas fade into history.

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