Sunday, December 13, 2009

Comments: an update

There are serious problems cropping up with Echo. It won’t recognize users, even when they put in his/her name or pseudonym. I may ash can the whole system and just go back to the blogger system of comments, but that would mean the loss of all 9,000 comments to the site. Send an email to if you have any ideas, because you probably can’t leave a comment.

Update: Now Echo has started to embed a comments section in the post stream itself, even though the attribute has been set to put comments in a pop up window. The comments window that opens doesn’t respond when you try to type anything in it, however, as least for me. The whole thing seems lethally unstable.

Further update: Now it doesn’t embed comments in the posts.

As you might expect, I am examining the Blogger template to figure out how to get rid of this poltergeist.

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