Friday, December 11, 2009

Lost in space

Haloscan, the commenting system used here at the Cucking Stool, is being replaced, by Haloscan’s owners, by a system called Echo. It sounds dandy, but the Haloscan page where one goes to moderate comments says that comments in the moderation queue "may be lost” in the migration. That means they will be lost.

Haloscan recommends that a blog owner empty the queue – meaning approve or delete the comments. That’s okay, one supposes, except that a click on the tab for pending comments takes you to the page to begin the migration process.

In other words, the comments in the queue can’t be read, much less approved. So if you made one in the last while, Spot’s sorry. It was probably your best prose, too. And as much as Spot likes comments, he recommends with regret that you refrain from making any more until the comments are clearly by Echo and not Haloscan. With luck, that won’t be very long.

Update: Well, the old comments “migrated.” Leaving a comment is still problematic, however. Working on it.

Further update: Comment away.

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