Sunday, December 20, 2009

Norm Coleman: one of the political undead

Some of you may recall the Norm Coleman political epitaph contest we held here at the Cucking Stool. It was won by Ken Avidor, who on learning that he had won, sketched this to go along with his wining entry. You can go here to read Ken’s winner and those of the other contestants.

But, it appears that we may have been a bit premature. There are whisperings that Norm, perhaps tiring of his gig helping to raise money for the colonizers in the West Bank so they can displace more Palestinians, is thinking about entering the gubernatorial race.

Spot says bully for him! But thinking ahead: it does call for a new contest, don’t you think, boys and girls? Slogans for an undead politician. Here’s one just to get you started:

Lost to two live wrestlers; beat a dead one

Zombie Norm by Avidor Really, what does that tell you? Why the Republicans would want the zombified Norm Coleman lurching across the landscape is beyond Spot, but stranger things have happened.

Like what, Spot?

Spot can’t think of anything right offhand, grasshopper, but there must be something.

Put your thinking caps on. Do some searches on wrestlers, undead, zombies, reanimation, etc.

Let’s see what you can come up with.

Illustrations by Ken Avidor

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