Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The last, Spot hopes, Comment comment for a while

Please read the update and the comments below.

We’re still working on ironing out the, er, wrinkles with Echo. I think there is still something wrong with the code on the blog template, or something similar, but the problem seems to be limited to the site owner – ol’ Spot himself. In other words, Echo on the Stool recognizes everybody except the only, um, person who paid $9.95 for it. Cheeky.

Anyway, this is going to require a little setup if you want to comment. I’m sorry about that, but that’s life in the big city, or even the middling suburb. You have to authenticate yourself as a commenter; it doesn’t mean that you will lose your pseudonymity (is that a word?) on the site if you want to maintain that.

You can use Twitter, Blogger, Yahoo, or a couple of others to authenticate yourself.

Or, you can set up a JS-Kit account; that’s pretty easy. It’s free, and the only thing it does is authenticate you across Echo commenting systems, which if it becomes as ubiquitous as Haloscan will be a good thing.

In all cases, you select the “from” button on the comments popup window, and then check the box for the type of authentication you want to use. If you choose JS-Kit, and don’t already have a JS-Kit account, you’ll be prompted for the screen name, pseudonym, or real name that you want to use, an email account and a password. The neat thing is you won’t need the password again unless you log out or log in on a different computer, since Echo will leave a “cookie” on your computer that will fill in the details.

You can also modify your JS-Kit account to load your little avatar every time you comment, too.

So, give it a try boys and girls, and report back.

Update: There is some  useful information – Spot hopes — in the comments. Also note that you start the logon process by clicking the “From” button and making selections from the resulting drop-down box. Again, after you’ve done it once, Echo will remember you if you comment from the same computer (unless you log out, which you can do.)

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