Sunday, December 06, 2009

Jeebus Christmas, Luke

Is that all you’ve got? Somebody called this to Spot’s attention this afternoon, because heaven knows, he never would have gone over to MDE without prompting.

Luke Hellier or Michael Brodkorb — or whoever is actually writing Minnesota Democrats Exposed these days — posted a bit of video from R.T. Rybak’s appearance last week at Drinking Liberally.

MDE reports breathlessly that Mayor Rybak noted with approval a t-shirt, worn by someone in the crowd, on which was written a naughty word.

It’s the same word, by the way, that Governor Gutshot once uttered on the radio in front of an arena full of people at the Excel Center. [Don’t have a link at the moment; perhaps a kind reader will supply one.]

Apparently, the Mayor scares the bejeesus out of Republicans and MDE. But this is the best they can do.

Beneath pathetic.

Check back at the Stool in a few days for a video of the the Mayor talking about policy and what it’s been like to try to govern the state’s largest city when Gutshot has been governor.

Update: Here are a couple of links from the figment of Spot’s imagination, Dave:

Gov. Tim Pawlenty was just supposed to drop the puck, but he dropped something else at Wednesday night's return of professional hockey to the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul:

The effenheimer.

The governor and First Lady Mary Pawlenty were in the crow's nest, high above the crowd of 19,000 fans ready to celebrate the resumption of hockey after a year's hiatus. His task was to intone the Minnesota Mantra that has been said before every Wild game since the team had its first regular season game on Oct. 11, 2000:
"Let's plaaay hockey!"

But the governor tripped on his tongue. TV reports had to bleep Pawlenty when he led up to the Minnesota Mantra with an introductory line: "The time has come to drop the puck."

Pawlenty bungled it:

"The time has come to drop the (bleep) puck," he said, with "bleep" used here in place of a word that rhymes with duck but which wasn't puck.

Or, if you want to hear it, you can try this.

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