Monday, December 14, 2009

Shopping Liberally

Contrary to what several right wingers have intimated, Drinking Liberally and its “parent” Living Liberally are not funded by a host of liberal elitists with deep pockets. They have advertising sponsors and fund raisers just as other organizations, both liberal and conservative, do.

Living Liberally hasn’t been immune to these difficult economic times, either. They’ve set up a Holiday Gifts Store website that has Drinking Liberally merchandise, mobile services from CREDO, a book club membership, the Liberal Card, which is a credit card (but don’t go overboard on spending if you get one, just because of the name). There is also a link to Amazon, so that if you connect to Amazon through Living Liberally, it’ll get a little piece of your purchase.

Come on, boys and girls, go see what you can buy.

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