Tuesday, September 20, 2011

But Michele, who will pay your salary?

Because the tooth fairy won't do it

Hot Dish Politics reports that Michele Bachmann responded to a question from a student ("Out of every dollar that I earn, how much do you think that I deserve to keep?") by saying, "I think he deserves to keep every part of the dollar that he earns."

This was on a radio show (the question was from a student in Florida who asked it during the recent Tea Party debate, but Bachmann didn't -- apparently; I didn't watch -- get a chance to answer) in Chicago yesterday afternoon.

We can speculate about the difference between "every part" and "all" in the mind of Bachmann; it seems an odd construction, since "what part" wasn't even in the question.

Even more odd is the reaction of the Bachmann campaign to the question and its later followup by media, What's that supposed to mean?
Bachmann's campaign spokesman and woman did not respond to a request for clarification of what exactly Bachmann meant and if she would do away with taxes.
Note that it now takes two people to issue evasions and blow smoke to cover for Michele. It is a big job!

The very first comment to the Strib story, posted just a few minutes after the story, raised the question that forms the title to this post: Who will pay Michele's salary? Who will pay Marcus' clinic for its sub rosa program to pray away the gay?

Or Michele, who will pay for the military to keep all the scary Muslims at bay?

Here's an illuminating comment made after Bachmann's answer to the question:
"It's his labor and too many people think that government owns that money when Tyler is the one that earned it," Bachmann said.

"The equation is all wrong. Now government says hey we want to spend this money, you better go out and earn it so that we can spend it. Government just assumes that all of our money belongs to them. That's what's wrong with government today," she continued.
Michele, Michele, Michele. You know that the Republican Party doesn't mind taxing labor! It's capital that Republicans don't want to tax! You've said yourself that poor people should pay some income taxes.

The anthropomorphic claim that government "assumes that all our money belongs to them" is patently stupid -- and demagogic. Government is an "it," not a "them," and it doesn't make assumptions because, well, it can't. The idea that anyone in government thinks it should have all of everybody's money suffers from paranoia. Federal tax rates are the lowest they have been in my lifetime; the consequences for our economy and our society are apparent.

Let's be direct: Michele Bachmann is not a patriot, Tea Party or otherwise; she is a simple sociopath who panders to the other character defectives like her. She never exhibits the smallest concern for the well-being of the nation or all of its citizens. Hiring her for the job will just accelerate the decline of both.

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