Sunday, September 04, 2011

The most amazing things come out of her mouth

The Dump Michele Bachmann people continue to offer documented examples of the astonishing things that come out of Michele Bachmann's mouth, viz.:
I grew up in Anoka, Minnesota. This is my backyard where we are right now. I grew up in Anoka.
This will come as a helluva surprise to all the people in Iowa who've been treated to months of "I'm an Iowan."
L.K. Hanson
From the same stump speech by Bachmann, delivered in October of 2006:
I’m a federal tax attorney, and I spent my professional life fighting for individuals and for businesses to lower the tax burden on us so that we can have some sanity in our fiscal policy in our country and also here in our state.
Come on, Michele, let's be frank. You spent some time in the fender bender end of tax practice -- collections -- and even then, they didn't let you anywhere near a case involving real money.

It is an amazing feat of legerdemain to claim that you did anything important, much less claim that your job had anything to do with tax policy. Really, were you there?

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