Thursday, September 29, 2011

King David with pom poms

The Bachmann campaign: a study in self-aggrandizement

Dump Michele Bachmann, your complete source for all your Bachamann-mania needs, has the text of a recent plea for -- what else? -- money by Michele hubby Marcus. Here's just the opening grafs:
Michele is the real deal.

Not only does she continue to inspire me every day with her strength, but she is the same woman of character as when I first met her 35 years ago. Michele is not your typical politician. She is not about climbing the political ladder for her personal benefit, or a popularity contest- Michele is a leader because she knows and believes Americans deserve better.
Let's take Marcus at his word that Michele has the same character she did thirty five years ago -- she probably does. Michele and Marcus met when Michele was fresh off her experience as a high school cheerleader.

No popularity contests involved there, nosiree. Let's face it, so to speak, her entire campaign is about the cult of personality, carefully, um, groomed. Bachmann is a witless Bible thumper whose claim to know what is best for the United States is theocratic and insane.

She's even got staffers comparing her to King David? Who's next? Moses? Jesus?

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