Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Drinking Liberally TONIGHT: September 29th

We'll meet at the 331 Club from six to nine PM as usual tomorrow night, September 29th. The 331 Club is at the corner of 13th and University Avenues N.E. in Minneapolis.

There will be some special guests arriving around eight: Justin Krebs, one of the founders of Drinking Liberally, and Lee Camp, a standup comedian who some of you know from his Moments of Clarity. I am not sure if the stage will be available for Lee to entertain us, but I'm trying to arrange that now.

Justin and Lee are in town for the AFL-CIO Young Workers Summit. You can read about the goals of the summit at the link.

Update: Here are three short video clips about collective bargaining brought to you by the AFL - CIO and Laughing Liberally. You might actually see both of Thursday's guests in one of them.

Further update: We do expect Justin and Lee to be part of an abbreviated program that will begin later than usual, around 8:30. Come earlier, though, and chat with the assembled.

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