Saturday, September 03, 2011

"A fringe of the fringe"

A couple of weeks ago, now, Amy Goodman interviewed Frank Schaeffer, the son of pioneer Christian Dominionist Francis Schaeffer.

Frank has had, um, second thoughts about the philosophy of, inter alia, his father (for whom he directed movies), Rousas Rushdoony, and Herb Titus, the latter who founded the law school from which Michele Bachmann graduated. Frank Schaeffer says that Michele Bachmann comes out of the "fringe of the fringe."

Here's a video of the interview:

And here's one interesting paragraph from the transcript of the interview:
Again, mainstream U.S. America doesn’t understand that people like Michele Bachmann have signed onto Bronze Age mythology, including its misogyny, its homophobia, its racism, and all the rest of it, and that that is the religion they are part of. When it comes to politics, they try to dress that up, downplay certain things, omit other things, and bare-face lie about some things like the submission issue [discussed earlier in the interview]. But the misogyny, the homophobia, that is at the core of the Bible, which they hold up as the, quote, "word of God," which, in their view of politics, coming out of the Reconstructionists, should take over the laws of this country at some point, which is what they’re all pushing for when they talk about taking America back, taking America back for God. What they really want to return to is the Bay State colonies under Governor Winthrop, and that’s their ideal society, plus maybe modern medicine, so they can live a little longer and get their prostates checked, etc., etc. But essentially, we’re looking at people whose best of all worlds is the Bronze Age in the state of Israel, back in the day when someone lost their virginity, so they would be stoned to death in the gates of their father’s house. This is the book they’ve signed onto.

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